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Satellite QХ-321 and satellite IMZ-317 by Arizion – navigation and communication ahead of the time

Satellite QХ-321 and satellite IMZ-317 - the embodiment of innovations in space technologies


Satellite QХ-321 and satellite IMZ-317 by Arizion – navigation and communication ahead of the time

Today, a man-made space satellite can surprise nobody – they subtly present in everyday human activity. The Internet, TV, radio communication, and many other most various technologies directly depend on these appliances, while they travel around different orbits and accompany the Earth in its rotation. Just like any other equipment, the satellites become obsolete and break down – the new models, more powerful and advanced, come to their place. Among the most modern ones are the satellite QX-321 and satellite IMZ-317. Both are the designs by Arizion – a pioneer in communication technologies. The new appliances are streets ahead of the previous models of their lines. And among the competitors, too, there are no items like those designed by Arizion.

Navigation satellite QX-321 will find a needle in a haystack

Navigation satellites are necessary for the operation of the satellite systems, such as GPS, GLONASS, and GALILEO. These three systems, designed, respectively, by the USA, Russia, and the EU, are global and cover the entire world. There are also local systems that only operate within a country. All of them are meant for numerous industries, crucial for people: science, consumer services and entertainment, military. Everything – from the national security and industrial production to the apps on an individual smartphone – depends on the operation of the navigation satellites.

Satellite QХ-321 is a representative of the latest generation of such appliances. However, it differs from its other “age mates” thanks to a large number of the signals it emits, while its estimated lifespan is as long as 15 years. The satellite can also determine the coordinates with the ultimate precision, with the margin of error being under one meter. Meanwhile, for its “colleagues” a 4-meter margin is a habitual thing. Such a gap in quality has made the satellite QX-321 a top product in the high-tech sector in Europe, the USA, and China. Currently, Arizion continues the negotiations on utilizing its satellite within the GALILEO system – the contract is expected to be signed by the end of this year. The company’s owners also report on the offer from Americans. To make it compatible with GPS, the satellite QX-321 will be modernized.

Satellite IMZ-317 and satellite QХ-321 stir the interest of governmental agencies around the world

Satellite IMZ-317 will provide the Internet connection even in jungles

Just like other developments by Arizion, the satellite IMZ-317 can stably operate for up to 16 years. This tech novelty is designed to provide high-speed Internet across the planet, including most hard-to-reach places. The technical properties of the satellite sparkled the attention of the staff members from SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk. For three years now within the Starlink project, they have been unrolling on orbit the network of the satellites to provide the Earthlings with easy and fast access to the Internet from any corner of our planet. These days, the network includes 420 satellites, but it’s just the beginning. To reach this global goal, 12 thousand satellites are needed. And the satellites IMZ-317 can make a considerable portion of the Starlink “newcomers” in the nearest years. The apparatus was recognized as promising, first of all, because it’s 12 kilograms lighter than other models, which is critical while orbiting it as it cuts the cost of the process. Moreover, the satellite IMZ-317 is really technically better than its counterparts. What is phenomenal is the decreased reflectivity of the body of this model. The matter is that the antennas, installed on the numerous satellites, reflect much sunlight, and this may gravely interfere with the celestial observations. Innovative satellite IMZ-317 helps to solve this problem.

The governments and large corporations around the world show their interest in Arizion products. Satellite IMZ-317, as well as the satellite QX-321, is expected to be fully engaged for international civil and military purposes.

Star results of the consistent marketing

The things mentioned above are fiction, written by the marketing experts of the international advertising company Amillidius. We allowed our imagination full play to showcase the capability of marketing in boosting most various products – from yogurt to space technologies. Try to type in the search box “satellite QX-321” or “satellite IMZ-317”, and you will be impressed with how well-informed and widely-aware Google is about the products that don’t exist. The proper representation on the Internet is the secret behind the success of any good or service. Make sure that people are aware of what you do, and we will help you to bring in the widest audience possible, engage customers, partners, and investors through marketing technologies. No matter what you sell and how technically savvy your business is, the highly competent marketing experts even with the basic information will promote your product with flying colours.

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